About us

Investor Oy offers a cost-effective and professional solution to personnel needs. We operate throughout the EU.

Our field of work is mainly the Nordic countries, but we have also worked outside Scandinavia, such as Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Germany.

Investor Oy's most historic construction site was the project Sound Bridge (Øresundsbron), which connected the whole of Europe by land. At the bridge construction site, our class welders worked in the manufacture of blocks, and on the Swedish side we carried out sandblasting and painting work.

Expert and competent staffing. Our industry is in the construction, welding, shipbuilding and shipbuilding industries. We also operate in petrochemical mills and paper mills in comprehensive maintenance and new construction roles.

Contact us for even the smallest projects, as Investor Oy guarantees success and affordable comprehensive pricing. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Here are pictures

of the very demanding and challenging

rust protection and painting projects in the Sound Bridge 

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